Thursday, August 27, 2009


I can hear screaming as the walls crumble.
Violent; stomach turning.

Who have we become?
What has this come to?
Where did it all go wrong?

Things may never go back to where they were.
Lives will change. Hearts will recover.
all without you.
all without me.

We build, we work, and we grow.
But all for what?
To fall. To fail.
Surrender to hate.
guilt. fear. LIFE.

Opportunities were given to mend and heal,
still we insisted upon ignoring them.
Destroying them.
Rage persistently burning in our eyes.

Bring on this hell – I’m prepared for a fight.
Waiting, wanting, praying.


It never dies,
yet seems to hardly live.
Will we keep it alive?

Alive to the very end.

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